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Meet Thuisafgehaald, Return to Sender and She Matters at the Venture Café

Venture Café Rotterdam is an open community of innovators. Every Thursday we get together in the heart of the city. Join us! We support #theimpactdays on 15 (worldwide Social Enterprise Day), 16 and 17 November (first Dutch Social Saturday) offering a podium for social entrepreneurship and highlighting their importance in the innovation ecosystem. We are happy to welcome these three rockin’ startups: Thuis Afgehaald, SheMatters, Return2Sender! Make sure to have a chat with them on Thursday! is the largest community of home cooks in The Netherlands. Through the website and app yearly over 50.000 neighbors meet each other by sharing meals. This results into tightly connected neighborhoods, a stronger local network and a decrease in costs for health care. At this info table, learn how Thuisafgehaald was founded, how municipalities such as Rotterdam are joining the initiative and how Thuisafgehaald will realize its ambition to generate 100.000 neigbhor meetups in 2019.

She Matters empowers female newcomers to enter the labour market. She Matters is a social enterprise recruitment agency with a mission to empower refugee and migrant women to enter the labour market. Through our gender-specific programming, we offer them the support they need to build their social and economic capital, boost their self-confidence and become leaders in their homes, businesses and communities. Want to learn more? She Matters’ Founder & CEO Christina Moreno will be available to share information about their programming, and discuss her journey as an international lawyer turned social entrepreneur.

Return to Sender, Gifts that make a living. Return to Sender products are great gifts that give back. By purchasing our products, you give yourself a beautiful product while giving the makers a better future. Our products are handcrafted by mostly female artisans in developing countries. A beautiful work of art is created by combining ancient techniques with Dutch design. Created with love and care, our products bring the maker’s world to life. Return to Sender creates employment opportunities for women in developing countries. This enables them to generate their own income, escape the poverty cycle and become more independent. The women who make these products earn a fair wage which empowers them to take care of their family on their own and send their children to school. It’s their way to a better future.

You can join the conversation at the info tables any time between 17 and 19 hours.

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