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Plan your visit!

On November 21 (international Social Enterprise Day) and November 22 and 23 (Social Saturday) The Impact Days are taking place. In these three days, you can visit a wide array of public events and social meet-ups, organized by different municipalities.

Social entrepreneurship is gaining ground in the Netherlands. In villages and cities all over the country, entrepreneurs are doing things differently. They are working towards a more sustainable and fair society, and turning this into the core of their business. For them, making profit isn’t the main goal; it’s merely a resource that contributes in overcoming challenges that our communities are facing. From addressing loneliness to tackling climate change. The Impact Days provide you with an unique opportunity to get to know these inspiring entrepreneurs. Meet social entrepreneurs through our special bike tour and get inspired by a program full of workshops, tours and stories. Discover new products and services, and learn how you can contribute to the world of tomorrow. Be social. Buy social.


About The Impact Days

The sector of social entrepreneurship is growing rapidly. Yet, a lot of people are not aware of this movement. Therefore the G4 – a collaboration between the four largest municipalities in the Netherlands – decided to organise the Impact Days. Our goal: introducing people to the innovative world of social enterprises. The Impact Days are taking place on November 21, 22, 23 at several different locations. A variety of events is organised to show the endless possibilities of social entrepreneurship. Hope to see you there!


Buy with impact, make a difference

Social entrepreneurship is gaining ground in the Netherlands. In many different villages and cities, entrepreneurs are working hard on making our country a fairer and more sustainable place. These social entrepreneurs are putting impact, and not financial profit, first. Social entrepreneurs develop new products and services for a better planet. They create employment opportunities for people without a job prospect, they produce new resources from waste and they create innovative solutions towards sustainable transportation, for instance. Everybody can contribute to this positive development. With every euro spent, we can make a difference in the world. By spending this euro at a social enterprise, you receive more value from it. Buy with impact, make a difference.

Campaign around social entrepreneurship

When people are more aware of what social entrepreneurs are actually doing and achieving, it makes it easier to do business with them. That’s why we need meaningful contact between social entrepreneurs, (potential) clients, large corporations and policy makers. For that reason the G4 – a collaboration between the municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht – decided to host The Impact Days. On 21, 22, 23 November a wide array of public events is taking place all over the country. The events aim to make social entrepreneurship more visible. It’s all about personal contact and new experiences. These experiences should give the participants a better view of the opportunities that come with social entrepreneurship. The campaign focuses on support and collaboration that should lead to acceleration.


Together for more impact

The G4 doesn’t just run The Impact Days campaign by itself. With national and local partners, we make sure that as much people as possible are introduced to the world of social enterprises. Organisations such as Social Enterprise NL, Buy Social, Social Impact Factory (Utrecht), de Social Club (The Hague) and stichting De Omslag (Amsterdam), all are contributing to spread this important message. Get to know places where you can spend your euro in a responsible manner. Be social. Buy social.


More information

If you would like to join the campaign in Amsterdam, get in touch at For general inquiries about The Impact Days, please contact